What We Deliver

From first explorations - to your favorite go-to escapes around the globe, our Zone Travel packages are custom built to focus on the experience you want to have, on your own terms.

Choose your zone, settle in, and have fun.


A Place To Sleep

Hotel/sleeping accommodations suited to your chosen zone package



Lots of activities based on the theme of your zone



Transportation (levels of transportation vary by package)



Optional services, such as travel insurance, health insurance, pet/house sitting, welcome home meals etc. (coming soon)

How it works

We are not your average travel agency, because you are not the average traveler.

We believe in shaping your experience together- with you.


Working with us means that you’ll have a private website to see your vacation take shape. We will take your ideas and wish lists and find the right experiences to fit for you. We can work the itinerary until it meets with your expectations and timelines.


As you get closer to your travel date, the private website is updated with videos of the places you’ll go, local weather reports, packing guides, interactive maps and even your electronic documents (when available).

Departure Kit

Just before you leave, you’ll receive your departure kit with a hard copy of your itinerary as well as printed copies of your tickets/vouchers/passes and sometimes even maps and travel books from our own Zone Travel Library*.

*the library consists of travel books that other travelers, like yourself, have used and made their own notes of where to go, what to see (and skip) and where to eat. We encourage you to add to the notes!

The hard copy of your itinerary isn’t to be missed. Depending on the length of your trip, you may receive a customized magazine style itinerary or a spiral bound hard cover itinerary, filled with full page color pictures, descriptions and more information. This makes for a great keepsake to look back on after you have returned from your trip.


Your website is active, you have your hard copy itinerary and documents- and if you need anything else, we are just a call, text or email away.. even if it’s 3am back home.


With the exception of our preset vacation packages, you name the price- not us.
We’ll work with you to make your trip a marvelous combination of the vision you already have for your time away, and the budget that you’re working within.

Our Mission 


Hello, My name is Christian Tamte.
I've been in the travel industry for over 12 years and I want to change the way we travel. 

Everything started with Zone Travel in 2015. I wanted to start focusing on ways that we can enjoy our vacations and also help the communities we visit. 
While some may prefer to spend an entire vacation giving back, I realized that with our busy work schedules and family lives and holidays... we just don't have the time to devote to the needs of others in this way! 
I hated having to choose between a relaxing, fun filled, sightseeing, beach vacation... and helping the communities and people that made my time at those locations, even possible. 

So, we are merging the two concepts! 

You can donate, learn about the cause or even participate in a volunteer activity one day of your vacation!  (Don't worry, it's probably something you'd like to do anyway! Like snorkeling with dolphins or feeding elephants.)
We know it's your vacation, so this is always optional, never mandatory! 

We aren't alone in this quest, as we grow, we are partnering with some other pretty amazing travel agencies that have a similar focus! 

Together, we can all Connect, Help and Love the world we're in. 



Vacations are fun! 
Connect... with yourself, your friends and family, the location you travel to and the people and culture around you.


We believe in helping organizations that help keep our world alive and growing. 
Travelers are encouraged to give a monetary donation to our partner organizations around the world.

You can either choose to donate with your package at checkout, or you can click on the “Donate” button for a list of our partner organizations both domestic and abroad.


Most Zone Travel packages will have a volunteer activity aimed at giving back to the earth or animals where you are visiting.