Hello! My name is Christian Tamte. After over 10 years in the travel industry, I've created my own travel agency, Zone Travel. We create memorable experiences for busy people in the way of pre-packaged and custom vacations. Zone Travel is so much more than that though, we believe in taking care of the earth and all of her inhabitants. Every package will have an option to Connect, Help and/or Love the world you’re in.


Vacations today are about connecting with cultures. We’ve often observed busy people, too tapped out to wade through vast travel sites, or finding they have to work with several sources to put together a trip. It’s frustrating, exhausting, and they probably overpay, settle for less than what they really want, or, worse yet, forget to plan some important part of the trip. 

Aren’t vacations supposed to be fun? 

At Zone Travel, we believe you deserve a vacation, without all the hard work. But more than that, we want you to experience the world. Travel teaches us so much, about culture, art, architecture, wildlife, nature and history. Whether you want to explore a new country or a new state, there are wonderful experiences to discover. Each Zone Travel package will do just that, connect... with yourself, your friends/family, the location you travel to and the people and culture around you.


We are a blessed people. At Zone Travel, we believe in helping organizations that help keep our world alive and growing. We encourage travelers to give a monetary donation to our partner organizations around the world. You can either choose to donate with your package at checkout, or you can click on the “Donate” button for a list of our partner organizations both domestic and abroad.


When we visit other areas (domestic or abroad), we have the beautiful gift of connecting with the land, sea and animals… the people, the culture and food. 

Each Zone Travel package will have a voluntary activity aimed at giving back to the earth in conjunction with our partner organizations. It could be a few hours cleaning up the beaches, or a day caring for wildlife... whatever the activity is, it is completely voluntary. We encourage everyone to give back to the world they are enjoying while on vacation.

What We Deliver

We work to make your preset zone package or custom travel fun, easy and affordable. We’ve done a lot of champagne-taste travel on a beer budget, and know how to deliver a great vacation. 

Go ahead, pick your zone, and start creating some memorable experiences. Zone Travel packages focus on the experience you want to have (with room for exploration on your own, of course). They include:


A Place To Sleep

Hotel/sleeping accommodations suited to your chosen zone package



Lots of activities based on the theme of your zone



Transportation (levels of transportation vary by package)



Optional services, such as travel insurance, health insurance, pet/house sitting, welcome home meals etc. (coming soon)